To be eligible for selection as the DAYL’s Outstanding Young Lawyer, nominees must have been 36 years of age or younger as of January 1 as of the year prior to which the award is sought. In addition, nominees must be licensed to practice law in Texas and a member in good standing of the State Bar. The Awards Committee will consider all outstanding qualities of the nominees, including (1) exemplified professional proficiency; (2) service to the profession; and (3) service to the community.

Please send your questions, nominations, and other information for consideration to Cherie Harris. A nomination form can be found here.

Below are the former recipients of the DAYL Outstanding Young Lawyer Award.

2021 Jennifer Larson Ryback
2020 Leslie Chaggaris
2019 Marisa Jeffrey O’Sullivan
**2018 Alexandra Guio
*2017 Julie Pettit
2016 Judge Christine Nowak
2015 Sakina Rasheed
*2014 Mandisa “Mandy” Price
*2013 Brittany Byrd
2012 Chad West
*2011 Omar Alaniz
2010 Jennifer Tobin
*2009 Cheryl Camin
* 2008 Sheri Crosby
2007 Jay Ray
2006 Tonya Parker
* 2005 Robert D. Crain
2004 Monica Wiseman Latin
2003 Robert J. Witte
2002 Karin R. Crump
* 2001 Michael K. Hurst
2000 Cynthia Figueroa Calhoun
* 1999 A. Nick Pittman
1998 Christina Melton Crain
1997 Terri L. Hagan and Jeffrey R. Bragalone
1996 Kelly R. Harrington
1995 A. Darby Dickerson
1994 Laura Ann Frase
* 1993 Dennis Gibson
1992 Kelly McClure
1991 Ralph Rodriguez
1990 Jane Makela
1989 David Kent
1988 Penny Parker
1987 Brenda Garrett
1986 Toby Gerber

* Also Won Statewide Outstanding Young Lawyer Award (TYLA).
** Also Won National Outstanding Young Lawyer Award (ABA/YLD).