Members of the DAYL recently elected the following people to the Board of Directors in 2014: Rob Bogdanowicz, Stefanie Bradshaw, Gemma Galeoto, Charlie Gearing, Robert Ivey, Andy Jenkins, Jennifer Larson, Jodi McShan, Tim Newman, and Dustin Paschal.

Meyling Ly will serve as the organization’s President. Jonathan Childers will serve as President-elect, Stephanie Gause will be Vice President, Paul Simon will be Treasurer, and Jennifer Lee will be Secretary.
In addition the following people were appointed to serve on the DAYL Board of Directors as a representative from one of our sister bar organizations: John Ting from DAABA; Ayesha Rafi from DWLA; Terry James from J.L. Turner Legal Association; and David Gonzales from DHBA.

Mark Clasby will be the law student liaison from Texas A&M Law School and Moira Chapman will be the law student liaison from SMU School of Law. Congratulations!

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