INroads is a program where new DAYL members can become acquainted with DAYL and all it has to offer including its committees, CLE programs, community service, networking opportunities, and great people. INroads is a calendar-year program that will match DAYL members who are looking to become more involved (INcomers) with DAYL members who are already involved (INthusiasts).

INcomers are DAYL members who are looking to get more involved in DAYL, whether through volunteering or simply attending certain events, while INthusiasts are DAYL members who are already involved. The goal of INroads is to match INthusiasts with INcomers in order to offer a friendly face at DAYL events and to show members what DAYL has to offer.

In June 2013, INcomers and INthusiasts met for an informal happy hour to kick off the program. Matches are continually being made, so if you are interested in participating in INroadsas either an INcomer or an INthusiast, please contact Cherie Harris.

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