by Leah Frazier

On October 17, 2013, the DAYL 2012 Leadership Class presented GrowSouth Jams—a benefit concert held at the historic Kessler Theater in the heart of Oak Cliff to raise funds for three Dallas Independent School District (“DISD”) schools adopted by Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings’ GrowSouth initiative. The concert was a product of a year long’s worth of planning and preparation by members of the 2012 Leadership Class and was the class’ official civic project for the year.

Mayor Rawlings’ GrowSouth plan was the sole inspiration behind the concert and features ten objectives geared towards the economic and overall development of the southern sector of Dallas—an area often overlooked by many and sadly underfunded. With the DAYL Leadership Class focusing on the Mayor’s third objective “Strengthen Schools, Strengthen Communities,” GrowSouth Jams would not only raise funds to further DISD education but more importantly, highlight the initiatives and goals of the Mayor’s overall GrowSouth plan.

GrowSouth Jams welcomed a crowd of enthusiastic attendees at the Kessler Theater with highlights of the evening including a special welcome by Mayor Rawlings. Rawlings posed for pictures with the DAYL Leadership Class prior to taking the stage in addition to extending a warm gratitude of thanks to the evening’s concert performers.

Following Rawlings’ opening remarks, attendees kicked back, relaxed and enjoyed an acoustic performance by American Idol performer and national recording artist, Tim Halperin; an upbeat fusion hip-hop jazz set by “2013 Best R&B/Funk Band in Dallas” nominee, The Boombachs; and an energetic and soulful headlining act by “2013 Best R&B/Funk Band in Dallas” winner and Chevy Music Showcase artist, Larry g(EE). The overwhelming support by the legal community was prevalent as attorneys along with family and friends of DAYL let their hair down and rocked out to some of the best in local talent in order to support the GrowSouth cause.

The DAYL 2012 Leadership Class through the GrowSouth Jams concert raised over $8,000, which will go towards supplies and other designated necessities for the three beneficiary DISD schools: Lincoln High School, Madison High School and Dade Middle School. As a token of appreciation, the Leadership Class would like to extend its thanks and gratitude to not only Mayor Rawlings and DAYL Leadership Class alum, Adam McGough, for their continuing support of GrowSouth Jams but also to all of the sponsors, guests and attendees who inevitably made GrowSouth Jams a stellar success.

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