May 2014 Dicta
by Pamela Sieja

On April 16th, DAYL’s Aid to the Homeless Committee and Lawyers Serving Children Committee teamed up for an evening of service with Dwell with Dignity.

Dwell with Dignity is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating inspiring homes for families struggling with homelessness and poverty. Agencies nominate families committed to self-sufficiency, and Dwell with Dignity furnishes the families’ homes by providing art, furniture, bedding, kitchen supplies, food in the pantry, and their first night’s meal. By creating a nurturing home environment, Dwell with Dignity helps inspire a standard of living families can be proud of and thrive in.

Thirteen volunteers rolled up their sleeves to help with the Dwell with Dignity service project. Volunteers Stephanie Almeter, Traci Boyle, Masae Falcon, Charles Gearing, Michael Holmes, Whitney Keltch, Mey Ly, Amanda McKinzie, Joey Mongaras, Pamela Sieja, Shannon Smith, Amanda Thurman, and Reagan Vernon are pictured. Additional photos can be found on the DAYL Facebook page. Volunteers stained furniture, created wall art, customized draperies, and painted furniture for Dwell with Dignity families.