April 2014 Dicta
by Jennifer Larson

On March 13, the DAYL  Judiciary Committee hosted its first Coffee with the Court of the year, continuing this successful program started in 2013. This time DAYL members had coffee with United States Bankruptcy Judge Harlin D. “Cooter” Hale. Judge Hale provided the twenty-five DAYL members in attendance with an overview of the bankruptcy process. He also discussed the typical docket and schedule of a bankruptcy judge, highlighting some interesting matters he has heard over the years.

Because Judge Hale often hears adversary proceedings that may arise out of a bankruptcy, he explained how some lawyers who do not typically practice bankruptcy law might end up in his Court. Judge Hale provided some practical tips for those instances, including his preference for lawyers to try to work things out when it comes to scheduling and discovery matters. Judge Hale also provided some practical advice for all young lawyers, including make sure to get involved in bar organizations and don’t forget to be nice to opposing counsel, the clerks, and anyone else you may run across in the courthouse. At the conclusion of the program, young lawyers had the opportunity to ask Judge Hale questions in a relaxed setting. As a result of this great event, the young lawyers (whether bankruptcy practitioners or not) left with a better understanding of how Judge Hale approaches his cases and some practical tips for appearing in his Court.

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