by Jonathan Childers
January, 2015 Dicta

Benjamin Franklin said, “[e]arly to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” Though we might not always follow the “early to bed and early to rise” part, in 2015, DAYL is implementing programs designed for its members to be Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise.

Young lawyers face increased demands and pressures spurring DAYL to place additional emphasis on improving their quality of life. In 2015, DAYL will focus on improving the lives of young lawyers, while maintaining its proud tradition of service to the Dallas community.

Being healthy requires a holistic approach focusing on body, mind, and spirit. That’s why DAYL has a new “Whole-Istic Wellness” initiative, which seeks to empower young lawyers to practice good physical and mental health as part of their lawyer lifestyle.

Being wealthy entails working towards economic self-sufficiency, handling finances, and benefitting from diversity and service opportunities. In 2015, DAYL will address tough issues facing young lawyers, such as student loans, credit card debt, a fickle job market, diversity challenges, fewer courtroom opportunities, and business development. One new project for 2015, Breakfast with Business Peers, features a breakfast networking series connecting young lawyers with their contemporaries in business.

Being wise means applying lessons learned from experience and being resourceful. In 2015, DAYL will offer experiential learning opportunities through a series of Practice Skills Boot Camps. Save the date of Saturday, June 6, 2015 – DAYL’s inaugural Trial Boot Camp. This one-day, hands-on trial skills academy will feature many of Dallas’s premier judges and trial attorneys, who will teach and critique young lawyers. Also, be on the lookout for the first-ever Deal Boot Camp, which is a one-day academy for DAYL’s transactional attorneys, focusing on navigating and mastering the deal process.

Before we delve too far into 2015, special thanks to the DAYL’s President in 2014, Mey Ly. Mey, you did a fantastic job and we have all benefitted from your leadership and collaborative style. Also, special shout-out to Cherie Harris – DAYL’s Executive Director – who makes what we do possible.

2015 will be an exciting and fruitful year for DAYL, propelled by an outstanding, energized Board of Directors and Co-Chairs who will lead our committees. We practice inclusivity and have promoted even more DAYL members to leadership roles.

Whatever your goals for 2015, I can tell you that involvement in DAYL WILL help you achieve them. Practicing a lifestyle conducive to health, wealth, and wisdom will not be easy, nor will it bring overnight success to your career. However, I guarantee you that joining DAYL’s efforts to practice a “healthy, wealthy, and wise” lifestyle will, in time, lead to exponential growth in all facets of your life – both professionally and personally. This type of organic growth and maturity does not happen fortuitously, but results from deliberate effort.

Please join us in continuing the tradition of excellence that is DAYL. Want to get involved? We want YOU! Check out our sharp new website: Call or e-mail Cherie, me, anyone on our Board, or any of our Co-Chairs. We’ll get you plugged in. Join us in being a part of something special in 2015.