by Jonathan Childers, President
March 2015 Dicta

Have you noticed how the best lawyers possess a mastery of the law and facts, but also argue with a smoothness that makes them appear polished and persuasive? While some of this is talent, no doubt, a good deal comes from wisdom through experience. And, in the law, wisdom, organization, and grace under pressure are roads to wealth.

In March, the DAYL offers two exceptional opportunities for you to become even more “wise,” which is essential for “wealth”: (1) My Other Hometown, and (2) Breakfast with Business Peers.

My Other Hometown

Many DAYL members practice throughout Texas (including making the Friday morning Southwest Airlines flight to Houston for hearings) and could benefit from additional familiarity with the best practices of the courts they visit. To address this, DAYL has partnered with the Houston Young Lawyers Association (“HYLA”) to present “My Other Hometown,” a program in which each young lawyer association holds a CLE for the other. The program is designed to make the civil district and federal courts of the visiting city the young lawyers’ “Other Hometown,” so the young lawyers will not feel “hometowned.”

Join us on March 20, 2015 at noon at the Belo Mansion, when a delegation of Houston young lawyers will present most effective practices for Houston civil district and federal courts, including key differences between Harris and Dallas County district courts. The presentation will highlight how to best obtain and defend against a temporary restraining order in Harris County District Courts, as well as unique practices, local rules quirks, and generally accepted protocols in Harris County.

But Houston young lawyers can’t have all of the fun! On April 17, 2015 at noon, a delegation of Dallas young lawyers comprised of Sara Romine, Chris Simmons, Nnamdi Anozie and yours truly, will travel to Houston and present on the same topic, but concerning Dallas’s civil district and federal courts. Each program will be webcast free of charge, so those who cannot attend in person can still participate.

Breakfast with Business Peers

Breakfast with Business Peers” is a brand new educational networking series where young lawyers learn from their contemporaries in business. Many young lawyers have trouble discussing a potential client’s industry with the specificity needed to forge a meaningful relationship, to obtain business, and to fully understand the potential client’s issue. Through Breakfast with Business Peers, business peers in industries including energy, finance, and healthcare will demystify their industry for young lawyers and describe what they do and the drivers affecting their decision-making.

Join DAYL on Tuesday, March 24, 2015, from 7:30 to 8:45 a.m. at the Belo Mansion, for our complimentary first-ever Breakfast with Business Peers, which will feature the energy industry. The Breakfast with Business Peers Committee, comprised of Jared Slade, Margaret Allen, Priya Bhaskar, and Chris Simmons, has done a fantastic job. Attendees will learn about the energy industry from a distinguished panel of young, senior-level leaders in Energy.

Join us in becoming even more “wise” on our road to “wealth.”

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