The Dallas Association of Young Lawyers 2017 Leadership Class is proud to announce the completion of its Donate-a-Billable Hour Campaign benefitting the Judge Barefoot Sanders Law Magnet School. The 2017 Leadership Class raised more than $10,000 by asking Dallas-area attorneys to donate the financial equivalent of one billable hour. The funds primarily supported Law Magnet students’ attendance at mock trial competitions and debate summer camps.

The 2019 Law Magnet Mock Trial team won first place in the regional round of the 40th Texas High School Mock Trial Competition.  The team will represent Dallas ISD at the state competition, to be held on March 1-2, 2019, competing against 20 other regional winners for the opportunity to represent Texas at the National High School Mock Trial Competition. Please come out and support the team and all the high school mock trial teams at the George Allen Courthouse on 600 Commerce Street in Dallas. This is the first regional victory for the Law Magnet School’s team in thirty-five years. Fortunately, the team includes multiple sophomores, suggesting another promising year of competition 2020. The 2017 Leadership Class is so proud of the achievements of these ambitions youngsters and wishes them well at the upcoming state championship.

In addition to fundraising, the 2017 Leadership Class also participated in the Law Magnet School’s 2018 Law Day to speak to students about various legal careers, and after an enthusiastic response, has been invited back again for 2019. The 2017 Leadership Class also sponsored a mock interview event for the Law Magnet students, providing feedback on resumes and sharpening their interviewing skills.  The 2017 Leadership Class intends to continue its partnership with the Law Magnet School, and projects for 2019 including facilitating legal workshops and partnering as mentors to the students. If you are interested in joining these efforts, including serving as a mentor, please contact Perrin Fourmy.

The Class thanks all donors and supporters of this fundraising campaign.  In particular, the Class extends special thanks to the top donors:


James and Gail Browne Charitable Fund

Matthew J. Agnew
Riqui Bonilla
Ashley Shapiro Bunyard
Dominique Sims Campbell
Amber Carson
Roger A Crabb
Sheri Crosby Wheeler
Fan Law Office
Perrin B. Fourmy
Terry James
Judge Margaret Jones-Johnson
Mark Taylor Jones
Christin Jeffrey Jones
Daniel E. Jones
James Muela
Clifford Nkeyasen
Lindsey Obenhaus
Brandi P. Parker
Julia Pendery
Bailey Pham
Lee Poulsen
Joel Pruett
Tracey L. Reyes
Kristina Rivers
Chris Rogers
Anna N. Rol
Anna Rupani
Catherine Schneider
Jessie Schreier
Ryan Segall
Dena Stroh
Spencer Turner
Lindsey V. Underwood
Benny and Paula Van Osdell
Artoush Varshosaz
Kandace Walter
Lane M. Webster
Emily S. White
Alison Williams