Leslie Chaggaris is a partner at Reese Marketos LLP, a boutique law firm that focuses on commercial litigation. Her managing partner at the firm describes her as someone who “never falters” in the courtroom. Leslie has extensive trial experience, representing well-known entities such as AT&T DIRECTTV and working alongside others such as Uber. She is entrusted with handling complex litigation, including jury trials, mutli-part motions for summary judgment, negotiations and litigation of complex business disputes, and client presentations. She also masterfully oversees associates at the firm.

In Leslie’s letters of recommendation materials submitted to DAYL, she is described by Judge Hoffman, whom she tried a five weeklong case in front of, as “prepared, professional and poised.” She has earned a reputation of being a tremendous courtroom advocate and someone that young lawyers should look up to and aspire to be like. In another letter, Judge Goldstein noted that Leslie’s attitude as epitomizing “the mandate of the Lawyer’s Creed, maintaining civility, decorum, and professionalism at all times.” Somehow Leslie has mastered the art of being aggressive in her representation, but also being reasonable and amicable in her dealings with other lawyers, which is an exceedingly difficult balance as a litigator. She is well-respected by her partners in the law firm, junior attorneys whom she mentors, co-counsel, and even opposing counsel. While Leslie works with large companies, she also works with individuals and is praised by those individuals for her ability to be unfailingly kind and competent. She is able to take complicated and challenging legal issues and explain the law in a way that makes sense so that clients can make informed decisions.

Leslie has an impressive list of contributions that have re-shaped and rebuilt the Dallas legal community in many ways. She has taken programs that were faltering and made them successful and has taken the lead in creating other programs from scratch. Leslie served on the board of the DAYL Foundation, which is the nonprofit arm of the DAYL that provides scholarships to area law students and tens of thousands of dollars in grants to legally based nonprofits. She served as a Trustee for the DAYL Foundation for four years and chaired the marketing committee.

Leslie has also served as a leader on three DAYL presidential projects including (1) Mey Ly’s The Big Give Back; (2) Jonathan Childers’ Trial Skills Boot Camp; and (3) Stephanie Gause Culpepper’s Women’s Mentoring Circles. The Big Give Back was a one-day event with legal clinics and seminars put on around Dallas County in connection with our Sister Bars (DAABA, DHBA, JL Turner). It garnered a lot of recognition, including from Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson. The Trial Skills Boot Camp is still in effect today and is a day-long CLE that assists with teaching young lawyers essential skills for trial and hearing preparation. Finally, the Women’s Mentoring Circles is also an ongoing event that pairs young female lawyers with more senior female lawyers in the community in conjunction with the Dallas Women Lawyers Association. This program promotes mentorship, continued bar involvement, and enrichment in the lives of our young lawyers.

Leslie also regularly gives back to the Dallas community through both her bar service and other area non-profits. She volunteers with the Young Women’s Preparatory Network, Irma Rangel Young Women’s Leadership School, Girls, Inc. and Make-A-Wish of North Texas. She is committed to bettering the lives of others through her various roles in the community.

Leslie truly excels professionally, makes a meaningful impact in the Dallas legal community, and works to make our city a better place. For these reasons, Leslie Chaggaris was selected as the 2019 – 2020 Outstanding Young Lawyer of Dallas Award recipient.