In case you missed it, on May 29, 2020, DAYL held a webinar on Starting Strong in a Recession. DAYL member, Saba Syed, a senior attorney with Bell Nunnally captured these takeaways from the event:

  • Stay connected:  Your classmates and peers are a critical network right now.  By supporting and helping each other, you’ll feel good in the process, and decades later, others will remember your strength of character during a challenging time.  Keep in touch with attorneys you have worked with or want to be connected to.  Use your best judgment to communicate, whether that is through LinkedIn, email, text messages, or handwritten letters.  Don’t worry if they don’t get back to you – rejection is a normal and healthy part of the practice of law.
  • Be resourceful: The State Bar of Texas and other bar organizations have legal classifieds for job postings.  You can also find connections through your respective alumni networks or bar association meetings.  You can also consider signing up for law firm updates on LinkedIn and using LinkedIn to connect with attorneys.
  • Stay positive:  There is always room for good lawyers and there is a place for you.  Build your “grit” and use your law school community to stay focused on your goal.  Better days are coming, and when you look back, you will be proud of what you overcame.
  • Use this time well: Take this time to volunteer, write articles, get up to speed on different areas of the law, and most importantly, learn about yourself and what you want from your legal career. Many of our panelists said that while this was a challenging time, the challenges brought about some of the most important opportunities for their career.

A link to the recorded webinar can be found here.