Award of Excellence

Application Deadline: Monday, November 6, 2023

A nomination form can be found here

Each year, the DAYL Foundation Award of Excellence is awarded to a Fellow who has made a positive impact on the Dallas community outside of their work in the legal profession. The recipient will exemplify the charitable image of attorneys, which the DAYL Foundation desires to recognize and promote.

The Awards Committee will consider all outstanding qualities of a nominee, including: (a) the individual’s impact and dedication to the community and the profession; (b) quantity and quality of participation in community and professional activities; and (c) leadership qualities that have benefited the community.

To be considered for the Award of Excellence, the individual must: (a) not currently serve on the Board of the DAYL or the DAYL Foundation; (b) not have been President of the DAYL within the last 4 years; (c) not have previously received the Award; and (d) be a current Fellow of the DAYL Foundation in good standing.

The Award of Excellence is presented annually at the DAYL Foundation Fellows luncheon to be at the Arts District Mansion on Thursday, December 7, 2023.

A nomination form can be found here. The application deadline is 5:00pm on Monday, November 6, 2023.

Past recipients of the DAYL Foundation Award of Excellence include:

  • Brittany K. Barnett (2022)
  • William (“Bill”) O. Holston (2021)
  • The Honorable Clay Jenkins (2020)
  • The Honorable Chad West (2019)
  • Monica W. Latin (2018)
  • Michael K. Hurst (2017)
  • The Honorable Royal Furgeson (2016)
  • Chief Justice Carolyn Wright (2015)
  • Martha Hardwick Hofmeister (2014)
  • Robert D. Crain (2013)
  • Mark Melton (2012)
  • J. Scott Chase (2011)
  • Joseph M. Cox (2010)
  • Michael G. Gruber (2009)
  • Robert Witte (2008)
  • Christina Melton Crain (2007)
  • Mark Shank (2006)
  • Judge Catharina Haynes (2005)
  • Al Ellis (2004)
  • Judge Jay Patterson (2003)