The DAYL and DWLA are thrilled to begin their eighth year of Women’s Mentoring Circles (“WMC”).  Launched in 2016, WMC promotes the development, advancement, and retainment of women lawyers through mentorship, education, and community-building activities. Participants are divided into Mentoring Circles consisting of 10-12 female lawyers in different stages of their careers. During the year, there are 4 large-group events with featured speakers and discussion panels, as well as several small group meetups between members of individual Mentoring Circles. The large-group events provide insight and advice on a variety of topics, including business development, networking, and career advancement, and the small group meetups provide an opportunity for mentors and mentees to connect with one another.

Register here.  Registration closes on February 23.

Questions? Contact Chelsea Hilliard or Grace Ann Gannon.