Trivia Bowl Committee

The Trivia Bowl Committee organizes the annual Trivia Bowl competition and also monthly pub trivia opportunities. The Trivia Bowl competition is an approximately 8 week tournament where teams of three compete head to head with a buzzer system culminating in playoffs, which will ultimately crowd a the Trivia Bowl champion.  Trivia Bowl is a little more competitive than Pub Trivia, which doesn’t limit team members or use a buzzer systems.

Volunteers are needed to help read questions and keep score at the various events. To sign up as a committee member, complete this form; if you’re interested in simply joining in the fun, emails are sent out to DAYL members announcing upcoming events.


The committee meets infrequently throughout the year. Check the calendar for information on the next committee meeting. DAYL members can sign up for the committee email distribution list by completing this form.

Committee Contacts

Co-chairs: Adam Baumli | Barbara Pelaez
Board Liaison: Jodi McShan
Staff Contact: Cherie Harris

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Current and Past Events