DAYL welcomes law student members and their active participation! A number of DAYL’s programs are specifically geared towards law students such as the DAYL Summer Judicial Intern Program and Mock Interview Program. Membership for law students is $25 for one year or $50 for first year students who which to join for the duration of law school (up to four years). A membership application is located here.

There are many opportunities for law students, including:

  • DAYL’s Summer Judicial Intern Program, which connects law students with judges who select interns during the summer.
  • Network with young lawyers at the next Social.
  • Check out the scholarship resource guide for law students that contains many scholarship opportunities and other information available to minority law students.
  • Once you’ve passed the Texas Bar exam, you can become sworn in during DAYL’s Spring and Fall Swearing-In Ceremonies, held in May and November of each year.
  • Participate on one of our many committees.
  • A partial scholarship is available from DAYL Foundation.
  • A back-to-law-school happy hour in August.