David Urteago

The Pettit Firm, Of Counsel

November 2017
by Barbara M. Pelaez & Andy Jones

David Urteago, is one of DAYL’s best kept secrets. A first interaction with David may leave you thinking him soft-spoken and introverted. Yet, David is a force in the Courtroom, a leader in the DAYL, and a true friend to those who know him.

The power of David’s keen legal skills is evident in every one of his cases. From personal injury to consumer litigation, David’s work as Of Counsel at The Pettit Firm demonstrates his ability to isolate the key issues, gather the relevant facts, and win for his clients. He’s also happy (and enjoys) discussing those tricky legal issues that are bothering you. David is a wealth of knowledge, who appreciates the philosophy of the law without losing sight of the practicalities of it.

David graduated Cum Laude from Loyola University Chicago and Texas Tech University School of Law. After graduating from Texas Tech, David decided to bring his talents to Dallas in 2011. He joined the DAYL in 2012. Through DAYL, he has been an invaluable member and co-chair for the Solo & Small Firm. David is a real team player.  He contributes thoughtful ideas with insightful and well-organized plans of actions. David is one of the driving forces behind the “Rainmaker Roundtable” and the annual DAYL Solo & Small Firm Summit. Also, David brings a dry and exceptionally humorous wit to the mundane task of taking meeting minutes. His other DAYL service includes participation with the Social Committee as well as the DAYL Couch to 5K Program.

David’s intelligence and humor are undeniable. He is unapologetically himself and has an amazing sense of style. Everyone who meets David realizes that he is the person you can count on when the goal seems out of reach or the task impossible. David is a true colleague and friend.

The Dallas legal profession is lucky to have David. He has and will continue to do great things. And, this is why David is DAYL’s November One to Watch.