Hisham Masri

Jackson Lewis P.C.

By Ashley Withers
July 2019

If you’re looking for a mover and a shaker, then look no further. Hisham is an employment lawyer committed to promoting diversity and making a positive impact in Dallas and beyond. He is a Co-Chair for DAYL’s Lawyers Promoting Diversity Committee and has helped to ramp up the committee’s efforts big time this year. The committee has always hosted impactful programming, including its annual Dinner and Dialogue and 1L Boot Camp. With the help of his Committee, the Dinner and Dialogue was held on July 18, 2019, and discussed mental health and diversity among young lawyers who question or hinder their own abilities because internalized self-doubt. Hisham has also energized and encouraged his committee members to branch out and create new programs, which it has done by adding a forum for prospective lawyers, diverse attorney pipeline program, implicit bias training, general counsel panel, and movie night.

The committee hopes that these initiatives will help diverse attorneys rise within their organizations, and help break barriers between people of all cultures. Hisham explains that diversity is not tied to race, religion, national origin, or other similar trait.  Instead, diversity is about bringing people with different backgrounds and different mindsets to the table.  By fostering exposure to differing points of view, we can encourage empathy, understanding, and create leaders who challenge themselves to create a better world.

Hisham is the type of lawyer we should all strive to be: a lawyer who is working hard to do good in his community. His hard work carries over to the service he provides his clients. Hisham is an Associate at Jackson Lewis, PC, and advises employers on all facets of the employment relationship including wage and hour issues, diversity, discrimination, retaliation, harassment, trade secrets, non-competes, and litigates these same types of claims.

Hisham also makes sure to enjoy life. His biggest hobbies are collecting modern board games, watching live theatre, including Aladdin and shows at the Dallas Regional Theatre, world travel, with a trip last year to Rome, and doing all of these things with his wonderful wife, Victoria Mourtada.

Hisham’s efforts will improve the legal community for many years’ to come. We can’t wait to see the results!