Katharine Roberson

Health-Texas Provider Network

July, 2017
by Paige Tackett

Katharine Roberson is a Manager of Compliance and Coding for Health-Texas Provider Network, a member of Baylor Scott & White Health. While using her law degree to analyze and interpret statutes and regulations, Katharine works outside the legal department to help facilitate business ideas and solve problems for health care providers. She works closely with the legal department to ensure the organization operates in a compliant and legal manner. Prior to working in the health care sector, she practiced insurance defense litigation. Katharine obtained a political science degree from Southern Methodist University in 2006 and law degree from there in 2009. Upon graduation from law school, Katharine moved to Colorado.

In 2015, Katharine moved back to Dallas.  Katharine remained in touch with a few pals from law school, but wanted to meet new people upon her return. DAYL gave her that opportunity. She started by attending kickball games and was encouraged to get more involved. With a heart for community service, Katharine joined the Generation Generosity committee. This year, she is a co-chair and spearheaded the most recent project, a cookout for clients with disabilities and special needs at Ability Connection. Over sixty clients and their family members attended her event!

In addition to her contributions to the Generation Generosity committee, Katharine is at the helm of a new special interest group, Beyond the Book, a monthly book club for DAYL bibliophiles. She loves to read and wanted a reason to make it more of a priority in her busy schedule. Katharine is the perfect fit for this group because she is eager to meet people who share this interest and to research new (and old) book selections each month. She has also coordinated several weekend get-togethers, which include going to movies and attending lectures of authors Jeffrey Toobin and Zadie Smith. Because of Katharine, Beyond the Book has been wildly successful, attracting a consistent group of attendees who have cultivated genuine friendships. As a member of Beyond the Book, I have watched Katharine diligently bring to life to a small idea and turn it into a vibrant group of young, fun, book-loving lawyers.

Katharine truly enjoys the “diversity of opportunities” offered by DAYL. She believes, “No matter what you like to do, there’s a niche for you in DAYL.” Katharine participates in the DAYL/DWLA Women’s Mentoring Circles and serves on the DAYL Foundation grants committee. She is also running her first 5K in this year’s Freedom Run. Katharine credits DAYL for helping her build a community in Dallas, comprised not just of colleagues but also good friends.

Katharine is fun, bright, gracious, and passionate. If you haven’t already met her, you should. In less than two years, Katharine has made her mark on our DAYL community—and she is just beginning. This is why Katharine Roberson is this month’s One to Watch.