Leah Frazier


by Stefanie Bradshaw

Although Leah Frazier may at times fly under the radar, her contributions to DAYL, the legal profession and the community at-large make her the perfect choice for this month’s One to Watch. Leah is well on her way to the top; not only within the legal profession but in the exclusive, cut-throat world of fashion as well.

Leah currently practices bankruptcy litigation as Assistant General Counsel for Citibank where she is responsible for the oversight of all bankruptcy litigation matters across the United States and Puerto Rico. Leah enjoys working for Citibank because it affords her a great work-life balance while also having a high level of influence and involvement with bankruptcy practices and procedures at a leading financial institution.

As a member of the 2012 Leadership Class, Leah jumped in head first and was extremely instrumental in ensuring its benefit concert, GrowSouth Jams, was a success. She singlehandedly procured the event’s headliner, Larry g(EE) and handled all marketing for the event. As a member of the 2012 Leadership Class, I can honestly say that without Leah’s involvement and industry and marketing wherewithal, our project would not have been a success. Our entire class owes her a huge debt of gratitude!

In her service as Co-Chair of DAYL’s newly-formed Fashion in the Law Committee, Leah has shown no less commitment and dedication. She has played a pivotal role in both creating the committee and ensuring that it is a success.

In addition to volunteering through DAYL, Leah is Director of Texas A&M University School of Law’s Alumni Association Board and is also actively involved in the DBA and ABA. She has served on the Law Day Committee for both organizations. As a team leader of the ABA Law Day Committee, Leah played a vital role in ensuring her team’s honor of winning the ABA’s Quarterly Team Award at the beginning of this year.

When Leah is not practicing law or serving the legal community, she can be found working the fashion circuit in Dallas and beyond. Over the last four years, Leah has effectively parlayed her self-proclaimed fashion addiction into becoming a successful fashion contributor and blogger. Not only has Leah been recognized as a top blogger/influencer in Dallas, Vogue magazine recently accredited her as one of its top 25 bloggers/influencers. She has contributed to DFW Style Daily, the Examiner, CBS local news’s “Best of Dallas” and countless other media outlets. In addition, she maintains her own personal blog covering fashion, beauty, food, travel and everything “Dallas.” Check it out at www.beautyforashes.blogspot.com. Because of her style and knowledge of fashion, Leah has become an influential player at many of Dallas’s most exclusive fashion events.

Although Leah says her life may seem crazy at times, she absolutely loves what she does and would not have it any other way. She truly enjoys uplifting others, encouraging young women to pursue their dreams and feels blessed to be in a position to positively change women’s lives and inspire those around her.

Leah’s ability to devote herself entirely to so many organizations and causes is unparalleled. I, for one, am truly amazed at what she has been able to accomplish and look forward to seeing where she goes from her.