Sanford Holmes II

Dallas County D.A.'s Office

October 2017
by Nicole Munoz

Sanford Holmes II is among Dallas’s best and brightest young lawyers!  Currently an Assistant District Attorney in the Dallas County DA’s Office, Sanford has tried over two dozen jury trials and countless bench trials.  However, when he is not prosecuting cases, he is exemplifying the DAYL mission of Giving, Serving, Leading!

After living all over the world in a military family, Sanford attended Rice University in Houston, Texas where he met his wife, Cara, and received a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology & Policy Studies. After undergrad, Sanford set his sights on Washington, D.C. attending law school at George Washington University.  Sanford remained in Washington, D.C. as a civil litigator before returning to Texas to intern with the Harris County District Attorney’s Office and joined the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office in 2013. After so many trials, Sanford enjoys voir dire the most due to the opportunity it allows him to encourage members of the community to understand and make the law work for them.

What sets Sanford apart—beyond his impressive resume—is how he spends his time outside of the courtroom. Sanford embodies exceptional leadership in the community and a selfless commitment to improving the lives of others.  As a former Eagle Scout, Sanford serves as an Asst. Scoutmaster for Oak Cliff Boy Scout Troop 2012 providing them with invaluable opportunities outside of a classroom.  Whether teaching boys how to light fires, rock climbing with scouts at the National Scout Jamboree, or teaching a leadership course, Sanford relishes mentoring these boys.

Sanford also lends his time to several DAYL committees.  He currently co-chairs the Lawyers Promoting Diversity Committee organizing multiple programs aimed at diversity awareness and initiatives.   He serves as a co-chair of the Dallas Ripple Program Committee and was a steering committee member of the 2016 DAYL Leadership Class.  Sanford has been devoted to South Dallas issues and is proud to have helped Working in Neighborhoods Strategically (WINS) bring a Public Improvement District to South Dallas Fair Park.

Sanford’s involvement highlights one simple truth:  he is not someone satisfied with sitting on the side lines!  He loves the practice of law because it allows him to use his talents and passions to improve the lives of others.  We can expect to see great things to come from Sanford Holmes.  This is why he is this month’s One to Watch.  Congratulations, Sanford!