Jennifer Birdsall

Powers Taylor, LLP

by Andy Jones
May 2019 One to Watch

Jennifer Birdsall is a dynamic force for good in our legal community. Jennifer is a positive, outgoing, determined servant leader who strives for joy and justice each and every day.

Jennifer graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in Broadcast Journalism where she created the winning media plan for a national cosmetic brand. Taking her strategic communication skills to law school, Jennifer was a member of the Order of Barristers at Texas A&M University School of Law. During her law school career, Jennifer sought out opportunities to serve her fellow students and community by serving as the Texas A&M University School of Law representative on the DAYL Board of Directors. Also, as co-chair of the DAYL Law Student Assistance Committee, Jennifer actively worked to connect the Texas A&M University School of Law to the DAYL.

As an attorney, Jennifer has wasted no time in getting to the courtroom. Licensed in all the Federal Courts of the State of Texas, Jennifer has represented clients in a Sabine Pilot case, as well as civil rights cases, employment discrimination cases, and now, catastrophic personal injury cases, including medical malpractice. Jennifer is passionate about every person’s right to a trial by jury. For Jennifer, each client is a person of worth and dignity deserving of justice for the wrongs committed against them. Jennifer’s practice is focused on people and the telling of their stories.

Outside the courtroom, Jennifer is a part of the 2019 DAYL Leadership Class and continues to co-chair the DAYL Bolton Ball, Law Student Assistance, and the Social Committees. Her conviction of the humanity of each of her clients comes through to her DAYL service. Choosing to lead one of the largest DAYL projects, Jennifer takes seriously the importance of the Bolton Ball in its role as fundraiser for the various social justice and law-focused charities that rely on the DAYL Foundation for funding. She also understands the importance of each member of the DAYL and the role that they play in giving, serving, and leading our community. Each person she meets is left with the distinct feeling of having been heard and understood. Jennifer gives of herself without thought of reward or distinction. Most importantly, Jennifer does the quiet work to bring light into the darkness and to bring joy into the world.

Jennifer has an indomitable spirit that is an inspiration to others in our profession. She is an intelligent and compassionate person whose work in and out of the courtroom hallows our profession and lifts each of us up. For all these reasons and many more, Jennifer is this month’s DAYL One-to-Watch.