Nick Toufexis

Saputo Toufexis

by Helen Emerson

You will not meet a lawyer like Nick Toufexis at every DAYL (or any other) event. He served 10 years in the United States Navy and then chose to continue to fight for freedom and justice by becoming a criminal defense attorney. Before starting at SMU Dedman School of Law, Nick knew that he would make his legal career in criminal justice. And he is doing just that. In fact, Nick recently became a named partner of Saputo Toufexis, where he represents clients throughout the state of Texas.

As a combat veteran and part owner of his firm, Nick brings a unique and powerful perspective to his practice and his work in DAYL. Diving right into a leadership role, Nick became a co-chair of the DAYL Solo & Small Firm Committee. He enthusiastically supports its mission of helping young lawyers develop their own practice and build practical skills needed to launch and operate their own firms. Nick has also taken on the community service aspect of DAYL by joining the Freedom Run Committee and participating as a member of the 2022 Leadership Class.

If he is not in court representing the accused or bringing new ideas to a DAYL meeting, you will probably find Nick chasing his two little girls around a park or dance class. We have come to trust him to be straightforward, hardworking, and—of course—capable of handling any difficult situation. So, the next time you (or “a friend”) need advice on a criminal matter or whether your art project needs more glitter, remember Nick, February’s One to Watch!