Rebecca Neumann

Martin Baughman, PLLC

by Alex Risinger
September 2022

Rebecca Neumann, a litigation associate at Martin Baughman, PLLC, is a light that is impossible to miss. She has significant trial experience as a civil plaintiff’s lawyer fighting for plaintiffs on civil rights issues, sexual assault and catastrophic injury. Rebecca’s excellent work has recently been recognized in the Best Lawyers in America as a “One to Watch.” Even as a young lawyer, Rebecca has argued appellate motions, practiced in dozens in federal jurisdictions and tried multiple cases to verdict. But Rebecca takes the most pride in not her own triumphs, but in the care and quality of work she provides her clients. One of Rebecca’s mentors described Rebecca’s work as follows, “Rebecca’s intellect and bravery in the courtroom are traits that make Rebecca a really good lawyer, but it is her humility, kindness and compassion that make her a great lawyer.”

But, Rebecca is not only a powerhouse of an attorney, she is a mentor that can take an acorn and grow a tree. Rebecca has given her time back to aspiring attorneys and has coached moot court at SMU from 2018 to present day, and was not only named Outstanding Coach of the Year in 2021 by the SMU Board of Advocates but took her team all the way to victory at nationals. She also gives back to her legal community. Since starting her career she has been the friend/colleague any lawyer needs and few are lucky to have. I will quote those who love her most that she is a “lawyer’s lawyer.”

Rebecca has the true essence of the indescribable quality that makes someone a “One to Watch.” The best summary of which I can only provide by this poem provided by another of Rebecca’s mentors when asked for comment:

Neumann has smarts that are astronomical
Packed in space that is economical.
no better lawyering have I seen
In fact seldom has there been
an employee so great and comical.

We can expect more great things from Rebecca, and it is our great honor to name her DAYL’s September “One to Watch.”